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CLASP - Local authority responsibilities for flooding and risk management

Flood Plan UK - Community flood planning simulation exercise

Focus on Floods - From risk to resiliency: engaging the public

Guidance on Sustainable Drainage Systems - Maximising the potential for people and wildlife

Lower Severn Community Flood Education Network - A community archive for flood information

Ready. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. - Inspire others to act by being an example yourself



BBC Bitesize - Causes and effects - British flooding video and classroom ideas

BBC Bitesize - Flooding - Geography - River flooding and management issues

BBC News Carlisle Floods - In pictures: Carlisle floods

Beat the Flood challenge - An exciting challenge to design and build flood-resistant homes

Cumbria County Council - 2009 floods - Flood case study, activities and supporting resources

Education Scotland - Flooding - Understanding flooding

Floodzone - Flood news/opinion/stories from across the UK

Junior Flood Site - Information and activities about flooding

Lincolnshire Resilience Forum flood education portal - The great storm of 1953

Managing Flood Risk - A Carlisle educational case study

Met Office -  Education - A Boscastle educational case study

Practical Action - Flooding causes and consequences

Royal Geographical Society - Are you flood ready?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) - Water videos, interactives and engineering challenges

Water Safety Kids - Issues with rivers

Weather Wiz Kids - Flooding facts for students



Get Ready Kidnas! - Being prepared for emergencies

PlayGen - The Challenge - Interactive decision making challenge

Stop Disasters - 3 level, challenging educational disaster simulation

What If Guidance - A series of interactive games about emergency situations