Knowsley - Huyton Wetlands

  • Entrance to Huyton Wetlands.

  • The source of the River Alt at Huyton Wetlands.


Huyton Wetlands is the source of the River Alt, which flows though Merseyside and Lancashire and then out into the sea. Many years ago it was used for summer grazing for cattle and it is still known locally as “The Cowie”.

Ponds and wetlands are valuable parts of a sustainable drainage system, providing a permanent area of water helping to reduce the effects of heavy rainfall by being better able to store potential floodwater.


Ponds and wetlands can be designed to store different levels of water at different times, making them more able to deal with the effects of our changing climate. An important additional benefit is they can also help slow down and reduce pollution from water flowing into the river.

The area provides a peaceful haven for the community through nature conservation and recreation. The wetland is a large open area with some small areas of dense woodland. Local schools regularly use the site for environmental education and conservation sessions.

Typical wetland wildflowers flourish on the site such as Marsh Marigold, Purple Loosestrife, Tormentil, Silverweed and Cuckoo Flower. The wet areas of the site are shallow and seasonal but the nearby ditches provide habitats for newts and frogs. Birdlife include Snipe, breeding Lapwing and Reed Bunting and Kestrels are often seen hunting for field voles and mice in the grassland areas.


Frank Broom, Flood Risk Co-ordinator, Knowsley Council